We make your grid smarter
Netergi implement new smart grid Technologies by Iotive as well as supporting live products. 
  1. Wilson Energy, UK. - prepaid smart meter solutions
    Prepaid heating, Water & electricity AMI solutions among major Energy utilities accross UK, such as E.On, British Gas & Scottish power (Netergi provides the support for Iotive)
  2. Weg, Brazil - Electricity intergrated IIoT solution
    WEG, Santa Catarina, Brazil - Electricity integrated AMI solution (Netergi provides the support for Iotive)
  3. Sigmatek, Israel - IIoT for small communities
    Complete IIoT solution on several Kibbutzim in Israel.
  4. Russia - Integrations for smart metering
    Several AMI projects across Russia, such as:. MRSK - Complete Electricity AMI project in the city of Tver. Gazprom - Pilot for AMR Gas Project (under evaluation) X5 (4500 stores) - Energy efficiency project (under evaluation)
  5. Pepco, USA - IIoT Energy efficiency
    USA, Manhattan condominium - Energy efficiency (Netergi provides the support for Iotive)
  6. Gadir, Israel - IIoT Energy efficiency
    Energy efficiency projects including a recent smart energy project for the IDF (Israel Defence Forces)
  7. MA-MWE, Comoros - Prepaid Electricity metering
  8. Modi'in municipality, Israel - Street Light security
We make your grid smarter