We make your grid smarter
Netergi Vision & Mission


​​Global improvement of life quality through information, analysis, and automation allowing abundant and efficient use of resources, cost containment, and ease of life using ubiquitous sensors, controls, and processing.
IIoT Services


Provide communications platforms controls enabling easy interface of various protocols
and implementation to different IoT and IIoT applications

Netergi is developing and Supporting Iotive Products worldwide


Whether you need to deploy an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to turn an Electric, Gas or Water grid into a Smart Grid, Netergi has the most cost effective and resilient system to suit those needs. Patented networking infrastructure technology (n-DNet™) allows to ensure the reliability and performance necessary to support all current and foreseeable future requirements.

Netergi is basing its vision implementation on a balanced experienced team with proven record combining the different skills needed to deliver success.
We make your grid smarter