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Your IIoT End to End solution 
combined RF & PLC communications in an
​ n-DNetTM network ​
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A complete IIoT solution
Netergi provides a complete secured E2E IIoT solution.
From the smart meter in the field and up to the based HES (Head End System) management system, bringing detailed reports, GIS data and API for integrating with other MDM and CRM systems as well as bidirectional interactions with the end units.
n-DNetTM Technology
Get familiar with Mobix n-DNetTM Technology used in our products that make us the leading Smart Grid E2E solution
Netergi has proven track record
  • Technological need/gap identification
  • Product definition
  • New technology adaptation
  • HW & SW complete solution
  • Cloud expertise
  • Large scale integration​​​
  • ​Market identification and penetration
  • Distribution and partners in other geographies
  • Teaming and subcontractors
  • Attracting financial partners
  • Exit strategies​